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Welcome to Sustain, your partner on the path to a greener, healthier world. We are here to support SMEs, Corporates, and NHS organisations throughout their journey to Net Zero.

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Supporting Sustainability Across the UK

"At Sustain, we share a common vision – a greener and safer world for all. As business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges of navigating through complex literature and compliance requirements. That's why our mission is crystal clear: to make sustainability simple."
Sanjay Parekh
Environment Consultant @ Sustain

Are you an SME looking to start your journey to sustainability?

As a busy business owner, we understand the challenges you face while juggling customers, product development, and financial responsibilities. At Sustain, we’re here to help you seamlessly integrate sustainability into your business, making it easier than ever before.

Our user-friendly platform offers simple tools that guide and support your journey towards becoming a Net Zero business. With all the necessary information conveniently consolidated in one space, you can access what you need quickly and effortlessly.

Say goodbye to compliance headaches! Our tools ensure you stay on track with regulations and requirements, making the process smooth and hassle-free. Plus, you’ll save valuable time with reduced administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

Bespoke Support For You And Your Business

Sustain Toolkit

Access instant & personalised support

Take the first step towards a greener, more sustainable future. Empower your business with our comprehensive Sustainability Toolkit today!

  • Carbon Calculator: Gain valuable insights into your carbon footprint, helping you understand where to focus your efforts for reduction.
  • Personalised Advice & Guidance: Receive tailored recommendations, ensuring your sustainability plan aligns with your unique goals and circumstances.
  • Eco-Friendly Services & Products: Explore a range of sustainable solutions to enhance your green initiatives, from energy-efficient options to eco-conscious sourcing.
  • Informative Video Guides: Navigate through the toolkit effortlessly with our user-friendly video guides, simplifying complex topics and actions for sustainable success.

Together, let’s achieve Net Zero and make a positive impact on our world.

Sustain Coach

Chat with your virtual sustainability coach

Empower your SME with our AI-Powered chat feature for your SME!   

  • Get Expert Guidance: Our AI chat feature is here to support you on your sustainability journey. Answer thought-provoking questions, and receive expert advice tailored to your business.
  • Practical Tips & Support: Based on your responses, the chat provides actionable insights to help you make a real impact with sustainable practices.
  • Seamlessly Connect with the Toolkit: Access our comprehensive Sustainability Toolkit through the chat, where you can explore additional resources and in-depth details.
  • Available 24/7 on WhatsApp: Need help at any time? No worries! Our chat feature is accessible whenever you need it, right on WhatsApp.

Our Coach will help you to take confident steps towards a greener future for your business and the environment.

Support Packages

What our Users Say

“So far I’ve learned about so much out there I had no idea about. It’s helped me get going on my journey.

Jen, Owner of CAfe CHain

The legislation is so confusing on what to do to achieve Net Zero. The advice sorted out what we needed to do and when.


“I needed help to demonstrated my compliance for a new NHS Contract.  The virtual coach was excellent to guide me.”


Become a Sponsor

With the Sustain sponsorship program, larger organisations, LEPs, and Local Governments can invest in a unique localised Carbon Offset programme, making a positive impact to your local society and economy.  

You can sponsor local SMEs or your supply chain.

How Your Sponsorship Helps

With your sponsorship Sustain service provides:

  • Identification – Advertise and identify SMEs in your locality that need support, or engage with your suppliers directly.
  • Guided Self-help – Provide SMEs with access to the Sustain Toolkit and AI coach, to guide them on their journey.
  • Local Economy – Grow your local renewable & sustainability economy by promoting services to SMEs.
  • Partner Support – Provide you with options to procure 121 coaching packages from our partner network, for SMEs needing a little extra help.
  • Reporting – A consolidated report from all your supported SMEs / suppliers to help with your Scope 3 submissions.
  • Learning & Reporting – Insights to help to track and improve sustainability initiatives across your locality.